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Today we had the pleasure to review a HUGE site. This is actually a mega site composed from 16 fetish paysites. So actually, if you join this site, you get all the content from 16 sites, with the price of only one site. Talk of a good deal, eh ?

From the start, we have to mention that this site has mainly fetish content, both photos and videos. The photo resolution is above 2000 pixels wide and coresponding height, beeing clear and crisp in their appropriate fetishes.

The clips are most of them in full HD MP4 (1920x1080p 30 fps) and bit rate averages at 8000 kbps, making the clips average as file size, but very clear. The length of the clips is around 10-30 minutes / scene.

The content is organized in scenes, and a scene has usually 1-2 clips (mostly have one clip), and a photo set / zip.

Their menu is rather simple and intuitive. You can select what do you want to see (photo or clips), then you select the niche, and start browsing. The newest content is allways on top, so you get the news first.

Once you click on a scene, you hover your mouse over the image and a menu appears over the image, allowing you to play the clip, download the clip, look at the pictures, and download the pictures of zip.

The menu icons are big and easy to click on them, even if yo have one hand bussy 😉
The interface is minified, so the emphasis is set on the content. They haven’t lost any time with useless interface “features”, and they concentrated on making as many content as they can.

About the girls now. Although there is no statistic on how many girls are on this site, we lost count at about 100 different girls and women, from what it looks like 18 years to 50 years old.

Main fetishes/niches are : pantyhose, nylon encasement, lesbian, pee, outdoor, nude outdoor, outdoor fucking, cumshots, creampies, couple fucking.

I don’t know what else I can tell you about this site, only that you will need a lot of space on your computer to download all their content. As we were investigating this site, we noticed that it is spread on 3 different servers, so.. I estimate the content is more than 3 tb..but it’s only my speculation, could be more.
Right from the home page, we see their statistics :

16 sites
684 clips
17.594 photos
849 scenes

Prices are as follows :

Price table
1 Month $ 29.95
3 Months $ 59.95
6 Months $ 99.95

Another interesting thing is that they calculated some kind of statistic, on how much it will cost you per clip / month.

So, if you join for one month, you only pay $ 0.044 / clip / month , which is one of the cheapest price we have seen so far.

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