Innocent High is a very interesting website for those that have fantasies with school or college girls. But you can see also girls that play sexy and dressed like : cowboys, Santa’ s girl or sports girl.
You must discover all and you’ll be amazed how hot you can get looking at this beauties.

What I love the most about this website is that is simple to use, is working very fast and you can choose between plenty of movies!

All girls that you can see on this website are very good looking, slim and very attractive. I love how sexy they are dressed, even if is just a sexy lingerie or an uniform! I love how kinky and determinate they get to learn the “lesson” and satisfy their teachers 🙂 By the way, the men on this website are also good looking and with a big size cock 🙂

The website has a lot of content; at the moment we write this review, are 386 movies at HD quality; you can choose what movie to see just with a click, you’ll get into the page where you can see the movie in which quality you wish from Low quality to High.

If you decide to see just pictures from a movie I have pretty good news for you: at every movie you can find a gallery with frames from the movie – are between 250-350 pictures at itch movie and you can choose how many you wish to see on a page : 40, 80 or 120 pictures and you can also download it into a ZIP form!

Is really easy to download the movie that you enjoy it, also you can vote the movie you just watched and also comment on it. Is easy to vote are from 1 star to 10 stars and you must just click it on a number between 1 (low) to 10 (maximum) . If you wanna add a comment just Enter your comment and click on Post after you finished!

Are like 10 pages with models that you can choose and also the review of this girl and also the website you can see it. I love that a model can be seen on other websites because like this, you can see other type of movies in which she plays. Is easy to search on this website , even if is about  the name of the model or a word.

I personally think that the prices are the best offer you can get: quality and quantity at the same time at a very low price!

Price table
Trial 2 days $1.00
Monthly (Most Popular) $28.97
3 Months (33 % saving) $16.62/month
12 Months (68 % saving) $7.98/month

Update 28 March 2015:
Innocent High has in this moment 393 videos, updated every 2 weeks, quality of the movie you can choose it: Low, Medium or High (HD)
I like at this website that they maintain a high quality of scenes, girls, men, pictures and quality of the movies.


Update 27 July 2015:
Innocent High has in this moment 403 videos, updated every 2 weeks.
I like at this website that they maintain a high quality of scenes, with very sexy girls in uniforms, hard men, pictures and a great quality of the movies.


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Original content100%
Web design90%
Updated frequently90%
92%Overall Score
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