Louise Nylons is about a gorgeous woman encased, named Louise. Don’t know if this is her real name and why she like to be in all movies encased, but you must agree with me that she is looking amazing all encased.

Louise is a naughty girl: she like to play with her dildo, wear pantyhose and high heels! I also saw some movies in the bathroom, playing with the bubbles all encased which is pretty awesome!

What I love the most about this girl is that she looks happy wearing that encasement and her body is perfect! I like that she like to get into the scenario and she is from there. Is such a shame that she has just 21 movies and 3 gallery of pictures, but I hope that she will upload more soon!

Website is pretty nice designed, easy to use and also receive frames form what happens in the movie, which is pretty awesome because you can choose what movie to watch!

The quality of the movies is HD , and the frame size of the movie is 1280×720 pixels.

Prices are a bit steep but for those that wish to see an encased beauty is all worth:

Price table
Trial 2 days $2.95
Monthly (Most Popular) $29.95
Trimester(90 days) $74.95

Louise Nylons is between the best encased good looking women in this industry!



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