Pantyhosed Biz is a website for those that enjoy pantyhose fetish and total encasement. If you put at this some hard play then you are in the right place πŸ™‚

I love the diversity of girls, men and scenes at this website. Even if is about pantyhose and total encasement on this website i saw scenes about: blow jobs, foot fetish, lesbian, males in pantyhose, panty cum shoot, shower, threesome or group. I must congratulate this website for the idea of having on this website males dressed in pantyhose or wearing a mask made from pantyhose on face . I found it really erotic and this can’t see on many websites because is really hard to find men to accept to get encased even if you pay them πŸ™‚

Girls on this website are very sexy, natural beauties, is a pleasure to look at them even in the single scenes where a dick is replaced with a toy πŸ™‚

In the moment we review this website are 114 movies and also gallery of pictures. I like that the movies are at a very good quality, pictures also.

What i don’t like at this website is that they upload the pictures and movie to much πŸ™ and , to be honest, is a lost because this website has the potential to get better and make a lots of members.

Prices are good and can tempt everyone to join in:

Price table
Trial 2 days $4.94
30 Days $37.46
90 Days $62.48

The web design at this website is simple, anyone can use it: on every page are 4 movies with description and a title very suggestive, and also a gallery (not very big) of pictures.

Pantyhosed Biz is a website you mustn’t lose if you are a big fan of pantyhose because from the first movie you’ll get really excited!



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