Self Desire is a website with solo girls, playing or teasing, but every one of them trying to get into orgasm. And no man is around them 😛

The girls are good looking, i like that they wear sexy costumes and pig tails and try to look so dirty and pervs. I like that the scenes are not boring, even if is about solo girls: some of them just tease, other really use toys; depends of every girl how she think she can get into … pleasure!

This website has just 30 movies, except pictures and Screen caps.
The last upload on this website has almost 2 years and my opinion is that this website is a rusty one!

The good part about Self Desire is the design and haw fast is working, every Movie is at a HD quality and has a Gallery of Pictures, the number of pictures depends from model to model.

You have the option to rate your favourite movie or your model that you enjoyed the most; they update the movies every time they have the opportunity : last update was this month.

Can see Full Movie, 1 Minute Clips, Pictures and Screen Caps, Trial and Add your Movies or Pictures at your Favourite.

Also, the site has a mobile version, it is easy to be viewed in any browser and computer resolution and you can chat with Online Models.

A plus for this website is that the prices are low so every member choose between:

Price table
1 Month (Most Popular) $28.97
3 Months (33 % saving) $16.62/month
12 Months (68 % saving) $7.98/month
2 days Trial $1.00

Self Desire is about beautiful women not being afraid to give themselves pleasure, with or without toys!

Update 1 April 2015:
Self Desire has in this moment 30 videos, also pictures, screencaps, 1 Minute Clips and trailer.


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