Rub a Teen has a great idea of content: action and massage! To be honest i never think that can exist a website like this and is the first one with this content that i review!

I congratulate this website for the idea: to mix hard playing with massage! So, the content is 100 % innovative and for those that wanna try something new, this website has a big potential!

Girls are young, sweet and sexy,ready to relax and enjoy a massage from a hard man,that will offer them more : sucking and playing hard. Because the girls love extra attention while they enjoy the massage.

Who will mind to receive a fuck included in the payed massage hour? For sure i will not mind! 🙂

Website has content: are 72 movies, pictures, sceencaps, trailer and 1 minute clips. I didn’t like that they didn’t upload a new movie since 2 months ago, but reading this review, i hope they will change this thing 🙂

The quality of the pictures and movies is HD quality, you can download fast and easy from the website, because the form of the pictures is ZIP.

Is really easy to download the movie that you enjoy it, also you can vote the movie you just watched and also comment on it. Is easy to vote are from 1 star to 10 stars and you must just click it on a number between 1 (low) to 10 (maximum) . If you wanna add a comment just Enter your comment and click on Post after you finished!

Don’t forget that for members, this website offers the possibility to talk with the models that are online, use the mobile version when you are not home and also vote the models or the movies you liked the most.

Prices are a great deal for all new members starting from :

Price table
Trial 2 days $1.00
Monthly (Most Popular) $28.97
3 Months (33 % saving) $16.62/month
12 Months (68 % saving) $7.98/month

Rub a Teen is a very exciting and relaxing website with teen girls that adore to massage the …cock!

Update 28 March 2015:
Rub A Teen has in this moment 83 videos, without counting the pictures, trailer and Screen Caps at every movie.
They updated every 2-3 weeks, the content quality is HD and if you want to see scenes from a movie just keep the mouse on the movie and a slide show of pictures will reveal you some … oiled stunning women!


Update 27 July 2015:
Rub A Teen has in this moment 88 videos, without counting the pictures, trailer and Screen Caps at every movie.
They updated every 3-4 weeks and the content quality is HD, so you musn’t lose this stunning women all oiled and ready to jump into … action!


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Original content100%
Updated frequently85%
94%Overall Score
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